“Express Yourself the world through their eyes” Book is now available.

The Express yourself book is now available and will soon be on Amazon for now contact thomas@booksthattouch.com for copies.  Express Yourself is $25.00      100% first 300 copies and 20% of the profits after that  go directly to Barrington Area Special Voices.  basv.info

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Everyone on the planet has something to contribute. We all have gifts, talents, passions, and the ability to affect others — although some of us communicate differently than the rest of us.

Nationally recognized portrait photographer Thomas Balsamo has photographed countless special needs children through the years. He has learned that each and every one of them has a voice a perspective on life that is valuable and interesting. He created Express Yourself to give these special children an opportunity to show the world how they see from their unique perspective.

For the book, Thomas taught 28 special needs individuals the basics of photography, then sent them out to do a photo assignment: Photograph something that makes you laugh, something that makes you cry, something you love, something beautiful, and something you can’t live without.

The results of this assignment and comments from each of the participants became the content of the book Express Yourself.

Thomas believes that the power of images is contagious, and he hopes a few of these special children will catch it, using photography as a creative outlet and a method of communication. Most of all, he hopes to inspire special people to begin the discovery process of finding and using their gifts, passions, and talents to enhance their lives and the lives of others.

See Thomas Balsamo and Sharon Rosenbloom’s  book Souls Beneath and Beyond Autism on Amazon.



~ by Thomas Balsamo on August 16, 2011.

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